Retro Reel, the movie streaming app dedicated to Hollywood classics launches on Android


Giving moviegoers access to retro, vintage and classic Hollywood movies with high quality video streaming.

Firexit Software is pleased to announce the launch of Retro coil, a movie streaming app dedicated to streaming classic Hollywood movies. The app contains Hollywood movies produced from the 1910s to the 1960s. Retro Reel was created to meet the need for a high-quality platform that provides moviegoers with classic movies in the form of a streamlined experience.

Classic Hollywood movies are available in a largely fragmented state across YouTube channels, archive sites, fan-made webpages, and multiple apps. Retro Reel aims to bridge this gap by giving moviegoers access to retro, vintage and classic Hollywood films, all on one platform with the ambition of becoming a one-stop destination. In addition, Retro Reel users will enjoy a premium experience as the app provides high quality video streaming, powered by the advanced technologies used by premium streaming apps.

Retro Reel allows users to discover more old movies and build a community around them. As indicated in the accompanying release the trailer, users can discover classic Hollywood movies across genres and eras, mark them for later or watch them immediately with high quality video playback and enjoy Hollywood’s golden years.

“For people who grew up watching these classics, these movies and movie stars have a lot of nostalgic value. But many young people also discover and explore these films on their own. For them, it is the fascination and curiosity for the way the world was back then. Many of them prefer to watch them rather than new movies! says Vatsal Ambastha, founder of Firexit Software.

Retro Reel is available for download on the Google play store and was featured on Product hunting. “We will soon be releasing on other platforms like Apple iOS and smart TVs,” Ambastha said.

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