Where to watch “Nine Days”: is the movie streaming?


Missing The right place? You might find a good replacement in the next movie Nine days, which should follow a similar premise regarding the afterlife, love, and life beyond the earthly realm. The film debuted with great reviews at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival and will finally be released this year. If you’re wondering where (and if) you can stream this dreamy psychological drama, keep reading – we’ve got some answers regarding Nine days.

Nine days has a star cast including people like Winston Duke, Zazie Beetz, Bill Skarsgård, Benedict Wong, Tony Hale and Geraldine Hughes. The film follows Will (Duke), a judge who examines souls before they inhabit the living (see also: Pixar’s Soul). As he interviews candidates for the opportunity to be born, he is assisted by Kyo (Wong), a soul who did not disappear after he was not selected. As the selection process accelerates, Will has just nine days to interview new souls and select who will go forward.

Ready to release this fun to Sundance audiences? Here’s everything you need to know to know where to look Nine days:

When is the Nine days release date?

Nine days had a limited release in theaters in New York and Los Angeles last week, and will have a nationwide rollout starting today, August 6. But that’s only in theaters – keep reading to find out when Nine days will hit streaming.

East Nine days diffusion? Where to look Nine days:

Nine days has an exclusive cinema debut, so you won’t find it streaming anytime soon. You will need to go to your local AMC or other movie theater to see this movie.

When Nine days be streaming? When Nine days be available for rental or purchase?

Nine days is a Sony Pictures Classics release, which means it should be heading to Starz after its theatrical debut and digital release. Other versions of Sony Pictures Classics, like The French release and The father, took up to three months to reach digital platforms after their theatrical release. Then you’ll have to wait a bit for them to come out on Starz as well. Hold on tight and stay tuned for more details on the Nine days streaming version – we’ll keep you posted.

Is there a trailer for Nine days?

There are. Scroll up to watch the Heavenly Drama Trailer.

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