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Macbeth’s tragedy: the trailer from the movie A24 of Joel coen with Denzel Washington, Francoise McDormand, Corey hawkins, Brendan Gleeson And Harry melling

Macbeth’s tragedy: the teaser

Joel coen is ready to return to the big screen and for the first time in his career he will not be joined by his brother, Ethan. In his solo debut, the eldest Coen brothers will make an adaptation of one of the most famous works of William Shakespeare, Macbeth. The first one trailer published by A24 And Apple this is the best business card you could wish for. The dark and evocative atmosphere conveyed by the images can only raise the already high expectations for one of the most anticipated works of the year.

Macbeth’s tragedy: the parcel recommends by Amazon

The film will not be the first film adaptation of the work of Shakespeare. In 1948, seven years after the masterpiece Fourth power, Orson Wells he decided to make a film based on the tragedy. In 1957, it was the turn of Akira Kurosawa, considered by many to be the greatest Japanese director of all time, and one of the greatest authors in the history of cinema, with the feature film The throne of blood featuring the great Toshiro Mifune. Joel Coen’s work will also follow the events narrated in Shakespeare’s tragedy. We will see the Scottish lord Macbeth falling into a spiral of violence dictated by the desire to fulfill the prophecy of a group of witches who heralded their rise as the next king of the kingdom.


Frances McDormand and Denzel Washington (Credits: A24)

Macbeth’s tragedy: the cast and the release date

The Oscars Denzel Washington And Francoise McDormand will be the two protagonists of the film and will interpret Lord And Lady Macbeth. They are also part of the cast Brendan Gleeson, the Irish actor with a long career behind him, as King Duncan, Corey hawkins, the American actor who played Dr. Dre in the film Straight out of Compton, in the role of Mcduff, while Ralph ineson will play it Captain. Royal Shakespeare Company actress Catherine hunter will have the arduous task of bringing the group of witches to the big screen. The film will close the BFI London Film Festival on October 17 and will make its theatrical debut on December 25 and then arrive on Apple TV + January 14.

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