Resident Evil ‘Nightmare’ Movie Trailer Shows Horrors Of Raccoon City


The next part of the cutscene resident Evil the universe is called “Welcome to Raccoon City”, and it just got another trailer. Fans have another take on the action-horror flick, which hits theaters over the Thanksgiving holiday in the United States. This time around, the “Welcome to Raccoon City” trailer shows off the various horrors lurking in the aging city.

Raccoon City is a dying city; it was the headquarters of the Umbrella Corporation, which spent its time experimenting with citizens, plastering its logo everywhere, then packing its bags and letting residents deal with the consequences of its activities. “Welcome to Raccoon City” takes place in 1998.

While the first trailer for the film focused more on the narrative and characters, offering only brief glimpses of the horrors caused by Umbrella Corporation, this new “Welcome to Raccoon City” trailer focuses on monsters and the different places they are, including a dark crib.

A variety of mutated humans and other monsters are featured in the new “Nightmare Trailer”, which only lasts a minute but manages to contain a wide variety of horrors. As previously announced, “Welcome to Raccoon City” has nothing to do with the past resident Evil films, hopefully offering a fresh take on the popular (albeit often cheesy) theatrical world.

Viewers will follow Chris and Claire Redfield this time around as they investigate Umbrella Corporation and what it did in Raccoon City. The plot is based on the first two games of the resident Evil series. Sony Pictures will be previewed Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City in theaters from November 24.

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