This Kannada movie streaming on Amazon Prime Video could have been so much better


A tough cop is transferred to a remote area where he is embroiled in a case of unsolved serial burglaries across villages. His reputation is on the line because right after his arrival, burglars even target his home, challenging the police department and his investigative skills. But the scenario changes when a murder is linked to the case, shattering the cop’s personal life. Casting the lead role of the policeman in his 50th draft (in the Kannada film industry), Vijay Raghavendra remains calm and subdued in a film that starts well, raising your expectations.

While there isn’t a quick investigative narrative in its initial sequences, the first hour still keeps you engaged, promising a better movie to come after the intermission. However, this does not happen, as the writing unnecessarily mixes two different cases in the script, wasting the fine accumulation provided by the first half. Missing the seat-edge entertainment that hampers the overall impact, the film also becomes a drag until the latest reveal brings some gripping moments again.

Based on an interesting premise, the real problem with Seetharam Benoy is that he doesn’t make any emotional connection with viewers, even when describing the brutal murders. In addition, the flights also do not appear to be major at the start, pointing to the execution which should be much better to deliver the expected sensations. Revolving mostly around male characters, the film shot on a budget is undoubtedly engaging in parts, but it could have been an entirely different and thrilling thriller sticking to the main storyline of Thefts.

The second serial killer plot added later, and cases resolved without any intelligent investigation, result in an average crime thriller without shocking surprises. Directed by Devi Prasad Shetty, the best part of the film is its background score which constantly tries to make it bigger than it appears on screen. Sometimes, we appreciate the music much more than the sequences, especially in the first part. The realistic camera moments also add to the mood of the film when needed, but it all really deserved a different, focused script and better execution of the debates.

Overall, it’s Vijay’s heartfelt performance and technical merits that keep the film from being a routine, below-average attempt. But the plot certainly deserved to be presented separately as an elaborate narrative of a single case.

Title: Seetharam Benoy: Case n ° 18 (Kannada)

Actors: Vijay Raghavendra, Bindu Raxidi and others

Director: Devi Prasad Shetty

Rating: two and a half stars

Streaming on Amazon Prime Video

Posted on: Tuesday, October 26, 2021, 7:00 a.m. IST

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